Hello and welcome to Sharron-Idol’s website. This site is designed with the intention of bringing you some great extra entertainment, as well as bringing some amazing deals on great products to your attention.

Thank you for coming to this website. There is a heck of a lot on offer on this site: Not just articles and editorials realted to music, the music industry, the career of artist – singer, songwriter, producer Sharron-Idol, as well as maybe a few other artists now and again. – There are also articles dealing with technical matters: Matters relating to both hardware and software concerning desktop PCs and the like, as well as practical electronics and electronics theory.

You may notice, in places, banner advertisments promoting Sharron-Idol’s musical releases. I do encourage you to at least sample the music by clicking the sample link immediately below the banner. – You never know; you might like what you hear. Smile

This website is a rich oasis of intellectuality and knowledge, as well as a website dealing with Sharron-Idol’s career. Sharron-Idol sells herself as “The Geeky Artist”. As well as being an upcoming musical artist she’s also a qualified electronics technician. She used to build her own record-decks and stereo sound equipment as a teenager, using 2-stage FET driven pickup and microphone preamplifiers with a bipolar output stage, driving a power-output stage comprising Darlington-pairs, restricted by adjustable negative-feedback, driving PL504 pentodes as the final power-output stages.

Faced with a career choice, Sharron took the tech route – only because her mother had managed to convince her that, as well as it being hard to secure work in entertainments, she’d never make it in music because her brother was tone deaf; therefore she must also be tone deaf too, despite evidence to the contrary.

“Thanks mum; neg me out so that I pursue the career you want me to follow why not? Thanks again!”

Now Sharron-Idol is catching up on those lost years, despite now being middle-aged.

“It’s never too late to try.”
She says.
“Age brings more than eventual senility you know; it brings wisdom and articulation of character too.”

– So welcome to the online domain of Sharron-Idol. You won’t be disappointed that you arrived at this site either: Already there are some rich pickings as well as awesome sounds to be purchased. As time goes by this can only get better and better as Sharron’s career takes shape and becomes what it should have been all along.

As Sharron herself says “We’re all made of stars and every one of us is a star in out own right: We just individually need a place to shine.”

Sharron-Idol is more than just the stage-name of some upcoming artistic hopeful though: Sharron-Idol is in itself a brand-name; the label on the Ice Showbiz umbrella which covers departments such as:

  • Positive Self Images; the graphics and advertising arm of Ice Showbiz.
  • Jank Kenner Films; Ice Showbiz’ video creation department.
  • Cup of Coffee Media. – The part of Ice Showbiz that creates this blog and more.

– But let’s not get bogged down in minutiae here; rather let’s just say, in short, that by using her Ice Showbiz entertainment-platform; Sharron-Idol is doing her utmost as an indie artist to bring you a full all-round entertainment experience…

…And this website is basically the hub of it all in cyberspace.

– So ladies and gentlemen I bid you welcome to the Idol enterprise: Welcome to sharron-idol dot com.

  • Here at sharron-idol dot com you’ll find news articles related to Sharron-Idol’s career, as well as the careers of fellow artists. You’ll also find some great deals on some fairly awesome products. You’ll find advice and discussions on topics related to the music industry, in addition to advice and tips related to computers and electronics. (Sharron-Idol is a qualified electronics technician with City & Guilds qualifications in both analogue and digital electronics, as well as a PC-geek.)

Supplementary to that, Sharron-Idol herself is planning to bring to you her own branded ranges of products in the future, from standard performer-merchandice through to specialist products. – Watch this space as that’s something for the future.

And, of course, this website brings together all of Sharron-Idol’s exploits in entertainment on websites such as iTunes and CD Baby, as well as her activities on social media and the like.

  • Here at sharronidol dot com you’ll find valuable tips on matters such as the music industry and building a career in one of the most competitive industries there is. Sharron-Idol shares her journey into the entertainments industry with you, and whether you’re just following her progress as a casual observer, or seeking to build your own similar career, this site has something for you.

In all I want to take you on a journey into sound; but not just sound – I’m talking here about sound value.

I’m pretty new to the music industry in terms of longevity; and, although I may not have a vast inventory of products and solutions to offer you right now, as time goes by I’ll be creating more – and they will appear here on this website as a result; with the result that you’ll be able to find more solutions to both your need for entertainment and your ‘search for merch’ too.

Below is a numbered list of some of the series’ – as examples – which are completed or still in the making: –

There are more; the list above is not exhaustive, but massive lists belong on search engines rather than here.

Of course it’s not just free information products that I’ll be creating for you. – Information products are just a part of it all. – There will be physical products too; both affiliate products as well as, eventually, my own products branded with the Sharron-Idol logo. – It’s going to happen. Everybody has to start somewhere, and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Of course there’s also my music; but there’s a little bit too much to fit on this page – so
if you’d like to check out my releases to February 2015 then clickety-click.

Now I’m pretty sure that you’re going to want to come back some time if you want to see more that this site has to offer. But even if you bookmark the site it could well escape your attention. Call me silly if you like; but I’d really like to see you back here at some point and hope you’ll be getting some useful hints and tips from this rather large resource.

(There are actually well over 200 articles on this site, and that’s not including the pages; though I don’t have a page big enough to list them all. That’s where Google comes into its own. – In fact Google is my primary source of traffic.)

So I’m thinking it would be a great idea to get onto this site’s mailing list so that we can stay in touch. – ‘Sounds good to me: Are you liking the idea too? You’ll notice various opt-in forms in various places on this site so no doubt you’ll eventually become a part of the list; but what if I were to take the liberty of being totally “in your face” and thrusting an opt-in form upon you right now? Would you do me the honour of opting in to my list? – Let’s find out shall we?

The below is a form for the joining of the mailing list. There’s of course no obligation whatsoever, but I’d be so happy if you’d add your email – or an email where I can contact you – to my list. It’ll benefit you too, because we can stay in touch: I send out flyers and broadcasts now and again, news of releases and special offers too – so that my list people get first refusal. It’s all useful, and usefulness has its uses. Of course there’s a little something for free as a bribe to sign up; because I’m generous, and I also like to be in touch with my readers – I almost said “clientele” there. 0_0 – lol. I guess you could consider yourself part of my clientele if you so desire – I’m only an indie artist though; so don’t expect the world from me; just the best I can do. Smile


So come; join up with jollity and a skip in your step, and thank you for doing so. – Not only do you join the mailing list by this means, but also the awesome list. Do enjoy the pleasures and wonders of this website; and as a mailing list member we’ll no doubt talk again soon.

Until then all the very best and have a great day; whatever day it may be. Smile

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